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David Bowie – Glass Spider Live

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David Bowie – Glass Spider Live

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Track List
Side A
1. Glass Spider (D. Bowie)
2. Day In, Day Out (D. Bowie)
3. Bang Bang (I. Pop/I. Kral)
4. China Girl (D. Bowie/I. Pop)
Side B
1. Absolute Beginners (D. Bowie)
2. Rebel Rebel (D. Bowie)
3. Fashion (D. Bowie)
4. Never Let Me Down (D. Bowie/C. Alomar)
5. Heroes (D. Bowie/B. Eno)

Side A
1. Sons Of The Silent Age (D. Bowie)
2. Young Americans (D. Bowie)
3. The Jean Genie (D. Bowie)
4. Let’s Dance (D. Bowie)
5. Time (D. Bowie)
Side B
1. Fame (C. Alomar/D. Bowie/J. Lennon)
2. Blue Jean (D. Bowie)
3. I Want To Be Your Dog (J. Osterberg/S. Asheton/R. Asheton/D. Alexander)
4. White Light, White Heat (L. Reed)
5. Modern Love (D. Bowie)

Release Date: 1/27/2009
UPC: 8712177054824

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2LP of David Bowie mind-blowing concert from Glass Spider tour in the late 1980’s. Including the hits like “China Girl,” “Let’s Dance,” “Heroes,” “Fame,” “Young Americans” and many others.