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David Bowie – Reality Tour (3x180g. coloured vinyl box set)

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David Bowie – Reality Tour (3x180g. coloured vinyl box set)

4,280 ฿

– Side 1 –
1 Rebel, Rebel
2 New Killer Star
3 Reality
4 Fame
5 Cactus
6 Sister Midnight
– Side 2 –
1 Afraid
2 All the Young Dudes
3 Be My Wife
4 The Loneliest Guy
5 The Man Who Sold the World
6 Sunday
– Side 3 –
1 Fantastic Voyage
2 Hallo Spaceboy
3 Under Pressure
4 Life on Mars
5 Battle for Britain (The Letter)
6 Never Get Old
– Side 4 –
1 Ashes to Ashes
2 The Motel
3 Loving the Alien
4 Changes
5 I’M Afraid of Americans
– Side 5 –
1 Heroes
2 Bring Me the Disco King
3 Slip Away
4 Heathen (The Rays)
– Side 6 –
1 Five Years
2 Hang on to Yourself
3 Ziggy Stardust
4 Fall Dogs Bomb the Moon (Bonus Track)
5 Breaking Glass (Bonus Track)
6 China Girl (Bonus Track)


Triple 180gm translucent blue vinyl LP pressing including two posters. David Bowie’s A Reality Tour is an extensive live and final overview of his greatest hits, popular album tracks, along with artist and fan favorites, performed live during his amazing performance in Dublin, Ireland. The 2004 show was captured on film for DVD, later on CD, but never released on vinyl. Featuring almost three hours of music on six sides of audiophile vinyl, the songs are simply some of his finest from the classic and modern rock eras like ‘Heroes’, ‘Ziggy Stardust’, ‘Changes’, ‘Fame’, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘All The Young Dudes’, ‘Rebel, Rebel’ and many more. Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (David Bowie) at Friday Music and Capitol Mastering, this limited edition release is housed in a very handsome sturdy box, with two first time poster inserts featuring the wonderful 12″ x 12″ front cover image as well as a 12″ x 24″ double-sided poster featuring unique live performance shots from this great concert tour. Each LP will have it’s own custom David Bowie label image, plus we are including 3 bonus tracks only found on the CD version of the original release: “China Girl”, “Fall Dog Bombs The Moon” and “Breaking Glass”. David Bowie was one of the world’s finest gifts to all forms of popular culture, music, film and art. His voice, songs, musicianship and unparalleled artistry will live on. A Reality Tour proves that now and forever.