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Norah Jones – Featuring

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Norah Jones – Featuring

1,180 ฿

1 Love Me (The Little Willies Featuring Norah Jones) –
2 Virginia Moon (The Foo Fighters Featuring Norah Jones) –
3 Turn Them (Sean Bones Featuring Norah Jones) –
4 Baby It’s Cold Outside (Willie Nelson Featuring Norah Jones) –
5 Bull Rider (Norah Jones and Sasha Dobson) –
6 Ruler of My Heart (Dirty Dozen Brass Band Featuring Norah Jones) –
7 The Best Part (El Madmo Featuring Norah Jones) –
8 Take of Your Cool (Outkast Featuring Norah Jones) –
9 Life Is Better (Q-Tip Featuring Norah Jones) –
10 Soon the New Day (Talib Kweli Featuring Norah Jones) –
11 Little Lou, Prophet Jack, Ugly John (Belle & Sebastian Featuring Norah Jones) –
12 Here We Go Again (Ray Charles Featuring Norah Jones) –
13 Loretta (Norah Jones Featuring Gillian Welch and David Rawlings) –
14 Dear John (Ryan Adams Featuring Norah Jones) –
15 Creepin’ in (Norah Jones Featuring Dolly Parton) –
16 Court & Spark (Herbie Hancock Featuring Norah Jones) –
17 More Than This (Charlie Hunter Featuring Norah Jones) –
18 Blue Bayou (Norah Jones Featuring M. Ward) –

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This album collects Norah’s favorite collaborations from 2001-2010 into one amazing collection: legends like Ray Charles, Willie Nelson and Herbie Hancock, rock artists ranging from Foo Fighters to Ryan Adams to Belle and Sebastian, hip hop luminaries OutKast, Q-Tip and Talib Kweli. No matter the genre however, Norah’s enchanting voice is the common denominator and while the partners are varied, she ends up owning every song and this album is a wonderful collection that holds together brilliantly. the album is a testament to Norah’s status as one of the most in-demand and tasteful musical connectors in music.