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Ryan Hemsworth – Alone for the First Time

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Ryan Hemsworth – Alone for the First Time

1,100 ฿

1 Hurt Me
2 Walk Me Home
3 Snow in Newark
4 Hips Against Yours
5 Too Long Here
6 Surrounded
7 By Myself

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Alone for the First Time, which, despite its name, features contributions from popular Soundcloud artists and Secret Songs amateurs alike. But even if it’s not literal, the title does justice to the major artistic step that this album represents. for better and for worse, this is the Halifax producer’s boldest aesthetic statement to date, and taking that kind of risk must feel something like striking out on your own for the first time. Hemsworth started his career playing two distinct roles. He produced songs for minor, buzzing Southern rappers riding the cloud-rap wave and remixed the pop songs of the moment, tricking them out with candy-colored synths and creaky drum machines.